Crowdfunag Background History

CrowdfundingAg was founded mid 2016 as a tech startup mainly to give people opportunity to sponsor farming anywhere, anytime and get good return.

We move the startup from idea to pilot within 6 months with about #800k revenue from 4 early adopters before going into hibernation in Q2 2017 majorly due to :
1. Lack of financial support and
2. Complemntary talents (and later unexpected glut in cassava market which was our flagship sponsorship portfolio)

CrowdfundingAg as we envisaged it the had 3 categorized service/revenue components (with their unique challenges):

1. Farm Sponsporship and management (like farmcrowdy),
2. CrowdfundingAg's 100% own farm investment and
3. Agro-services (which comprises of field workers, nursery/seedling and mechanization services then).

CFAg was selected for Alhari Fund Pilot Programe which we did not concentrated on due to another feasible opportunity.

It was also selected for and won Lifting Youth and Fostering Enterpreneurship camp( LYFECAMP) 2015 along with 5 startups.

The non financial award qualified CFAg for incubation at ALFtech hub associated to LYFECAMP that year and in what we considered not well structured incubation perhaps due to first year and/or cohort of the tech hub which birthed some incubation challenges at their end and participation challenges at our end also due to the 2 key challenges mentioned earlier (financial support and complimentary teammates ) we continued struggling and later abandoned the tech hub at the beginning of Q2 2017.

After months of persevering with diverse experience and deep insights into the agro-services problem in the agric sector in Nigeria in the about 18 months of running it coupled with critical lessons learnt from the seemingly failure plus additional exposure from continuos capacity building of the founder, we carefully studied and analysed the most challenging specific pain point of the agro-services problem which is scarcity/inaccessibility of farm workers and we offshot FarmworkerzApp(Agric-Tech) as CrowdfundingAg pivot in Februry/March 2018.